Pottery - Money boxes

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Pottery - Money boxes



"Teach your child how to save money with this fun painting activity that they can cherish and love to fill and empty over and over through the years." 

A “paint your own” pottery blank or plaster shape. Paint item with poster paints acrylics and finish/seal with a coat of craft varnish. Alternatively to make the item foods-safe and more durable paint or decorate shape with underglaze or glaze and fire in a kiln.

Price is per item and inclusive of poster paint. For Glaze & kiln firing options please add product "Glaze painting extra" to your cart before check out. 

Choose from assorted styles below: 

Princess - 9x12.5cm
Mermaid - 9x13cm
Fairy -8x12.5cm
Teddy - 8x11cm
Castle - 11x11.5cm
Cat - 6x11.5cm
Dog - 7x10.5cm
Hedgehog - 15x11.5cm
Monkey - 10.5x13cm
Cupcake - 8.5x11cm
Icecream - 8.5x10
Skull - 15x12cm
Monster - 10.5x12cm
Sheep - 12.5x8.5cm
Racing Car - 17x5.5cm
Unicorn - 13x13cm
Pirate - 8.5x13.5cm
Football - 9x7.5cm
Boat - 11.5x12cm
Rocket - 9x13.5cm
Robot - 8.5x12.5cm
Elephant -14x9.5cm
Llama - 10x15cm
Flamingo - 15x12.5cm