Co Kildare businesswoman says she is being 'unjustly' treated with signs found in dumpsite


A Co Kildare businesswoman is claiming that she is being 'unjustly' treated by the County Council, after temporary signs were reportedly found in a dumpsite.

Laura Barry, two years in business, running Florence & Milly Art Studio, in Butterstream, Clane, said: "Having sought and received written permission from Kildare County Council to erect temporary signage around Clane, for Art Summer Camp Events, a local group removed the signage less than 12 hours after they had been put up."

Ms Barry says that the written permission she got from Kildare County Council to put up the temporary signage has now been revoked, due to a 'complaint.'


She said: “I have adhered to the correct channels and placed the signage according to the regulations."

Ms Barry said:  " I am at a total loss as to why the signs of my particular business were targeted for peremptory removal,  without any consultation.  The signs merely stated time, dates, venue and website: there was nothing that could have caused offence or objection.Many businesses rely on temporary signage to inform people about events happening in their premises, local community support at these events is crucial for business growth and to enable them to continue to give back to the community."